Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Silent Scream

5204229615098945465 communities on orkut and this is not among them..We are here for a make ppl lstn to our silent screams!!You say tht it's impossible for one person to change the world....but we say, if one person can add to the will inspire others to start making the change within themselves...which in turn will change the world..We are NOT victims of fate trying desperately to grasp some meaning in an unfeeling world. The universe itself is a feeling mind! What we do affects others in ways that are still a mystery to many..We share a single planet, and the things we do in one part make waves in places we’ve never even heard about..THIS COMM IS PORTAL BET WEB & REAL WORLD..ENUFF WITH WEB REVOLT..ITS TYM TO SHOOT OUR WORDS OUT FROM VIRTUAL TO REALITY..TIME TO GET MEANING FOR UR LYF..TYM TO PROVE THAT U R MORE THAN UR BABBLING WORDS..